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Leaving Addis by the Butajira road to the south it is about 460 km to Arba Minch. The last 100 km is about to be completed, making it tar all the way. The first part of the journey goes through a fertile area of green rolling hills. Meanwhile passing by the prehistorical site of Melka Kunture, the rock hewn church of Adadi Maryam and the stelae field at Tiya. Exploring all of these sites is best done on a day trip out of Addis or with an overnight in Butajira. Traveling to Arba Minch in one day leaves only time for a brief visit to Melka Kunture and Tiya. The second part of the trip leads down to the bottom of the Rift Valley, with Lake Abaya prominent in sight and a more “African’ landscape of acacia savanna.

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Just south of Addis Ababa the road leads down to the bottom of the Great Rift Valley where a row of interesting lakes are found. These Rift Valley Lakes harbor a great natural diversity but are also very important for the (local) economy of Ethiopia. It is a favorite destination for Ethiopians having a break out of the busy capital and a variety of accommodation is available. It is a great place to end a sometimes demanding journey through Ethiopia in a relaxing way. The area is of particular interest for birders. For visitors with a more comprehensive itinerary a brief visit to some of the lakes to or from the south of Ethiopia are a pleasant way to break the long journey.

Omo Valley is undoubtedly one of the most unique places on earth because of the wide variety of people and animals that inhabit it. It is located in Africa’s Great Rift Valley. The region is known for its culture and diversity.

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